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Data Xplorer Secure

Covert, with radar and multiple thermal cameras, Data Xplorer SecureTM is designed for maritime domain awareness, asset security, and illegal fishing enforcement.  


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Cost-effective, scalable, reconfigurable,and carbon-neutral observation platforms that may be deployed from shore or ship
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OOR Part of World’s First USV Fleet Set Up as Part of the Digital Ocean Drive

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THE US Navy is sailing strong with its ‘bold vision’ to deploy 100 unmanned surface vessels (USV) to patrol the regional waters by 2024, and Bahrain will play a key role in the mission. The world’s first USV fleet will be set up as part of the digital ocean drive, Bahrain-based Task Force 59 Commander Captain Michael Brasseur said.

Launched in 2021, the first-of-its-kind task force was formed to help the Navy better integrate uncrewed systems and AI to strengthen the service’s maritime domain awareness, and enhance its deterrence capabilities as conflicts evolve to become more digital. 

U.S. 5th Fleet concluded Digital Horizon, Dec. 15, a three-week unmanned and artificial intelligence event in Bahrain that involved 17 industry partners. 

The event included 15 advanced systems, 10 of which operated in the Middle East for the first time. Task Force 59 led industry partners during phased evolutions ashore and at sea to advance fleet efforts that will enhance regional maritime awareness. 


“The pace of innovation throughout Digital Horizon was unbelievable,” said Capt. Michael Brasseur, commander of Task Force 59. “We pushed beyond technological boundaries and discovered new capabilities for maritime domain awareness to enhance our ability to see above, on and below the water.”


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Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported (IUU) Fishing Enforcement in the Pacific Ocean Near Hawaii


In partnership with WildAid, Open Ocean Robotics conducted a 25-day mission in illegal fishing enforcement utilizing its USV. Environmental data was also collected, improving the understanding of oceanographic/meteorological conditions.

Open Ocean Robotics’ uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) Data Xplorer conducted a 25-day mission in illegal, unregulated, and unreported (IUU) fishing enforcement in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii. The USV operated nonstop in challenging open ocean conditions, continuously monitoring with a suite of sensors for detecting, identifying, and tracking vessels and associated fishing activity.


The project is part of the MPAbots program, a multi-organization initiative to advance, validate, and demonstrate use of robotic technologies to combat illegal fishing.


What Our Partners Say

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Karima Cherif

Marine Project Manager, Technical Advisor, and Purchasing Agent

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