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Cost Efficient, Scalable, Practical & Innovative Ocean Observing Technologies

OCEANS Gulf Coast '23

Sept 26, 2023

PANEL: Cost Efficient, Scalable, Practical & Innovative Ocean Observing Technologies: ​

The science we need for the oceans we want.​

IEEE OES and the UN Ocean Decade Technology and Innovation Working Group (TIWG) would like to invite you join a special session.


Innovative ocean observing technologies for ‘the science we need for the oceans we want’ will be held Tuesday 26 September from 3:30 – 5:00 PM in Room B 2-4 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center. 


Panel Abstract: Implementation of Ocean Decade agenda 2030 of sustainable oceans requires knowing our ocean better and following it up with development and implementation of right solutions. This is well captured in the Decade vision of ‘The science we need for the oceans we want’. Technologies and engineering them play an important role in the study of science of our ocean and implementing relevant solutions. Our understanding of oceans and our ability to manage and conserve critical marine ecosystems are limited by our ability to acquire quality, interoperable data from marine observations. But do we have enough tools and technologies to address the Ocean Decade vision? Are there gaps that need to be addressed? How accessible and affordable are these tools and technologies for the researchers? Are they cost efficient and suitable for scalable deployments and long-term measurements? In infrastructure limited environments? Do they provide quality data that our study objectives demand such as optimal coverage with reasonable resolution and scalability required for conservation and restoration of marine environment?



Venu Pallayil - Moderator/host

Justin Manley - introduce TIWG and present fisheries tech innovations

Julie Angus - uncrewed surface vehicles (USVs)

Melissa Omand - ocean sensing for CDR

Yi Chao - renewable energy drifters

Carlos Barrera - uncrewed underwater vehicles (UUVs)

Allan Adams - affordable sensors

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