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DataXplorer provides persistent monitoring in the harshest conditions.  With a patented self-righting system, it can be out in all weather conditions, riding out storms that capsize it and surfing in coastal breaks.


Covered in solar panels, it recharges at sea to be out for weeks or even months.  Designed for data collection, its modular sensor bays enable custom data collection optimized for quality.  

DataXplorer™ ocean data collection USV by Open Ocean Robotics


DataXplorer can travel for months at a time, recharging at sea with its high-performance solar energy power system.  Its energy efficient systems and streamlined shape maximizes performance with minimal power.  


DataXplorer can be easily deployed from a boat launch ramp or ship to autonomously transit to its operation site, whether that’s along the coast or offshore. When the mission is done, DataXplorer pilots itself home for retrieval. At 300 lbs (150 kg), the USV is easy to move and can be transported on a trailer or in the back of a truck.  


DataXplorer is uniquely capable of operating in shallow waters to challenging offshore seas.  Its patented self-righting system allows quick recovery from repeated capsizes to survive extreme weather conditions, from storms to surf breaks (video below).  With a shallow draft and debris-shedding robust keel, it voyages in littoral waters, even those with kelp and other entangling debris. 

Ease of Deployment

DataXplorer can be deployed from ship or shoreline with a crew of 1 or 2 people. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, it can easily fit into the bed of a standard pick up truck.


Our custom Launch and Recovery System (LARS) featured below allows reliable deployment when out at sea and under way.


and Recovery System

DataXplorer™ ocean data collection USV by Open Ocean Robotics

Deployable by crane or davit, our LARS allows DataXplorer to be easily deployed and recovered from ship at sea.

The docking cage is an available option or modification of our standard trailer.


DataXplorer can be precisely controlled to stay on the desired route, conduct a grid survey or loiter in place.  Its electric pod motor and advanced lithium-ion battery storage system allows energy to be intelligently deployed, ensuring that the USV is always under control. 


Its speed is highly controllable, allowing optimized data collection and burst speeds to overcome currents or keep pace with tracked targets. Using an exchangeable pod motor system, the USV can travel up to 6 knots for short-term missions or average two knots for long-duration missions.   


With satellite, cellular, and radio communication systems, DataXplorer is designed for robust over the horizon operations. Its edge processing and real-time data transmission ensure actionable insights are delivered when you need them. 


DataXplorer is paired with XplorerView,  our secure cloud-based portal for realtime data viewing, actionable insights, and USV operations.  Designed to simplify USV operations and data viewing, it provides real-time data analytics and tools to optimize USV control. 


DataXplorer is designed for quiet operations to provide superior data collection and unintrusive monitoring. The USVs are optimized for noise reduction with a direct-drive motor, streamlined hull shape, and acoustic dampening at sensor mounts. This enables more accurate sensor measurements for marine mammal detections, fish stock counts, and acoustic vessel detection, as well as countering noise pollution and enabling covert monitoring. 


Solar Impulse Label


We believe that our future depends on healthy oceans and sustainable usage of maritime resources. Better ocean monitoring is key to that goal and our mission is to provide ocean data acquisition and analytics that are unparalleled in their safety, sustainability, and scalability. 


Our USVs produce no GHGs, noise pollution or risk of oil spills.  They lower GHG emissions by decreasing the use of traditional research vessels, understanding the impact climate change has on oceans, and supporting natural and enhanced ocean carbon capture.   


DataXplorer comes in a base configuration, as well as models for select markets. 

Customers can further customize their USV with add-on sensors and specialized integrations. 

DataXplorer™ ocean data collection USV by Open Ocean Robotics


DataXplorer measures weather conditions, ocean currents, water depth, and water temperature. It also scans the horizon with its 360-degree camera and AIS transponder. 

DataXplorer™ ocean data collection USV by Open Ocean Robotics

DataXplorer Protect

DataXplorer Protect adds additional sensors and features for maritime domain awareness, asset security, and illegal fishing enforcement. With multiple thermal cameras and covert colouring, it allows day and night time operations in sensitive areas.   

DataXplorer™ ocean data collection USV by Open Ocean Robotics

DataXplorer Enviro

DataXplorer Enviro has additional oceanographic and environmental sensors that can be customized for seafloor mapping, metocean data collection, and marine mammal monitoring. Customizable with a profiling winch, underwater cameras, or towed sensors, it addresses a range of environmental needs. 

DataXplorer Applications
DataXplorer Specs
DataXplorer line drawing - Patented
MULTI-MONTH MISSIONS Solar panels charge battery bank to repower at sea enabling extended
DataXplorer Brochure
DataXplorer Brochure


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