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PANEL: "Ocean Observing Platforms and Technologies for Ocean Decade: Perspectives and Prospects"

OCEANS Singapore

Apr 17, 2024

PANEL: Ocean Observing Platforms and Technologies for Ocean Decade: Perspectives and Prospects

The vision of the Ocean Decade is ‘the science we need for the ocean we want’ and it seeks to stimulate ocean science and knowledge generation to reverse the decline of the state of the ocean system. Measure, Monitor and Model the ocean data are fundamental to understand the science of our oceans and ocean management. However, the vastness, harsh environment, and accessibility issues to remote areas makes it challenging for observing the oceans widely.  Alternatively, the availability of limited platforms and technologies restricts our ability to collect large enough data through sustained and long-term monitoring. Low-cost autonomous platforms and persistent measurement technologies are now shaping the future of the ocean observing systems.

The proposed focus session will address and showcase some of the technologies and platforms that have either been tested and deployed or being developed to increase sustained ocean observing capacity globally. The panelists will address how these emerging ocean observing approaches can contribute on the surface, in water and on the seabed measurements and how it can serve different industry sectors.

Time: 90min

Moderator: Venugopalan Pallayil


  1. Justin Manley, President Marine Technology Society

  2. Yi Chao, Founder & CEO, Seatrec

  3. Julie Angus, CEO & Co-Founder, Open Ocean robotics

  4. Carlos Barrera Rodriguez, VIMAS Head, Oceanic Platform of the Canary Islands – PLOCAN

  5. Allan Adams, Physicist and PI, Future Ocean Lab, MIT

  6. Kendra McDonald, Chief Executive Officer Canada’s Ocean Supercluster

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