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Open Ocean Robotics’ uncrewed surface vehicle (USV) Data Xplorer was deployed in partnership with Jasco Applied Sciences for Innovative Solutions Canada’s ‘Real-time Marine Mammal Monitoring Service Via Uncrewed Surface Vessel’ program. The USV was equipped with a high-resolution camera system, oceanographic sensors, and JASCO’s OceanObserver passive acoustic sensor in a 3-day trial for Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC). The service detected and localized marine mammals to mitigate environmental risk of conducting marine operations. 


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Open Ocean Robotics and JASCO demonstrated reliable, real-time, and zero-emission marine mammal monitoring as a service using an uncrewed surface vehicle.  This mission showcased a service merging world class acoustic expertise and equipment with cutting edge marine robotics to deliver an innovative solution to protect marine life. 


In-Situ Detections

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In-situ detections were  made by JASCO’s OceanObserver system and detection information was  transmitted for verification and validation by JASCO’s acoustic analysts  using the PortListen web-portal.


Real-time Data Transmission

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Additional data transmitted in real-time  included wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, water  temperature, water depth, ocean temperature, AIS detections, and optical  and thermal camera video, which was available for viewing on Open  Ocean Robotics’ web-portal XplorerView.   

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Remote Operations


The USV was operated by shore-based pilots in  Victoria, BC and data was transmitted in real-time to both Open Ocean  Robotics’ and JASCO’s cloud-based portals.

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  • Reliable & seaworthy for continuous operations​​

  • Near real time comms & detections, over the horizon​​

  • Images, acoustic signatures, and AIS detections provide vessel monitoring​​

  • Easy to use interface to operate USV and share information with enforcement agencies


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Hi-tech fix in the works to help RCN avoid marine mammals

Madeleine Bouvier-Brown, our Marine Project Scientist talks about all things Marine Mammal Monitoring at Open Ocean robotics on the latest episode of the podcast "Solve for X". 


What Our Clients Say

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“The combination of marine robots and intelligent underwater acoustic systems to protect ocean fauna is only in its infancy, yet it shows considerable promise to mitigate impact, reduce monitoring costs and keep humans out of harm’s way. OOR and JASCO are helping transform science-fiction into reality and are helping define the way marine mammal monitoring will be done in the future. The Marine Mammal Monitoring Service project, and the environmental imperative it supports, makes me wish I was just starting my voyage in the ocean industry rather than nearing the final mark.”
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